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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news on the cw. a tragic ending in the search for a teenage girl who didn't come home from school. where her naked body was found. >> all she wanted to do is stop a thief in her neighborhood. the unthinkable act that left her with two black eyes. >> this weekend's unique faceoff between head coach brothers is being called the
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harbowl. what could happen besides a sibling rivalry. we have new details about the young teenage girl who was found dead at allen park in fairfield this morning. she was last seen in nearby city. joe vasquez is at the park tonight and has the latest. >> there's a small memorial right over here in the park where the girl's body was found. the girl was a foster child. they are trying to get ahold of her natural mother and they don't want to make her name public, but they have confirmed her identity with cbs. >> when i go to class, i see her. i give her a hug every day. >> she was only 13 years old. a student at green valley middle school. authorities have not yet released her name, but some of her classmates know. >> a man on a sunrise walk
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through allen whit park discovered the girl's body and flagged down a cop. >> she was last seen in the morning and hadn't returned after school. >> police in nearby sasoon city had been working a case of a missing girl. they got a call from the girl's foster parent yesterday evening. they put out a bulletin. >> we started following up to see if we could locate her. we know with social media, phones, past friends. >> they didn't find her, then they picked the search back up early this morning and as the police were on the phone, fairfield police said they believe they had a homicide victim matching the missing girl's description. >> police are not releasing a lot of details. we aren't sure what the murder weapon was, who did this, or why. reporting live in fairfield, joe vasquez, cbs 5. less than 24 hours ago, a
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woman in her 70s was brutally attacked in her own home. it happened in san jose. she is pretty beaten up. but tonight, she opened up her door for cbs 5 reporter, kit doe, and his photographer, jim flanigan. >> she wanted the world to see what her attacker had done to a 74-year-old woman. a broken nose, two black eyes and bruised cheeks and cuts and scrapes. neighbor andre yay says the suspects were probably trying to look tough. >> how big and bad do you look beating up an old lady? >> you look, it's pathetic really. >> at 2:00 this morning, a man was breaking into this white car. the victim shouted from this window, get out of here. instead of taking off, the man climbed through that window. she got away, fell down outside her porch, but the kicking and punched didn't stop there. he continued to beat and stomp the elderly woman as she
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stumbled across the street. >> these people have mothers. they have grandmothers. it's like they have no conscious. they don't think about anything. >> your message to the guys who did this? >> wow. keep running, but hope you'll get caught. trust me. >> crooks had broken into several other neighbor's cars, but it's not clear if they are related to the beating. san jose spent the morning looking for clue. the attack has touched a nerve with the officers. inth someone that is willing to do that, we have to wonder what level is he willing to escalate, use a weapon the next time or do something worse. >> now during this whole melee, a second suspect actually showed up here at the house and ransacked it. also, the victim's daughter was home at the time. she got out okay. if there's any information, police want you to give them a call. live in san jose, cbs 5. a suicide bombing at the u.s. embassy in turkey left a turkish guard dead today.
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the blast was so strong, it blew off an embassy door. police sealed off the area and examined footage. a turkish militant group is being blamed. the state department is warning americans to steer clear of the u.s. embassy and other diplomatic offices. the embassy bombing comes on hillary clinton's last day as secretary of state. mrs. clinton was greeted by hundreds of staffers at the state department earlier as she served four years as secretary of state and was the most traveled in history. during her remarks, she took time to talk about the successes she accomplished. >> i am proud of the work we have done to elevate diplomacy and development. to serve the nation we all love. to understand the challenges, the threats, and the opportunities that the united
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states faces. >> secretary clinton leaves office as one of the nation's most popular politicians. of course, speculation remain as to whether she will run for president in 2016. meanwhile, at the u.s. capital today, john kerry was sworn in as the nation's new secretary of state. supreme court justice administered the oath of office. the private ceremony was held in the senate foreign relations room. asked about his new job, kerry said, he was anxious to get to work. on wall street, the dow hit a mark it hasn't seen in half a decade. today's gains brought it above 14,000 points for the first time in more than five years. stocks soared on positive manufacturing numbers. but cbs reporter, anthony mason shows us, the good numbers on wall street aren't translating to the job market. >> nationally, hiring showed steady growth in january. >> it's not an exciting report, it's a respectable
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report. >> economist of security says there was strength in construction, manufacturing, and retail hiring. the labor department also said the economy added 422,000 more jobs last year than first reported. that upped the average monthly job growth in 2012 from 153,000 to 181,000. but the economy is facing new head winds, with the payroll tax rising again. from 4.2% to 6.2%. >> how much impact do you think the payroll tax hike is going to have on growth? >> consumers are faced with a drop in real disposable income of more than 2% in the first quarter. that's going to impact spending. that's going to shave a percentage point off of gdp growth. >> and slower growth, of course, means less hiring. many economists believe that will only be a temporary setback to the economy while
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people adjust. anthony mason, cbs news, new york. we are less than 42 hours away from kickoff at super bowl xlvii. >> and no one is more excited than dennis o'donnell. he wants to go on another week, maybe two. dennis. >> you have no idea. you have no idea how much i like these press conferences and sound bites. two more weeks of this. >> i have a small idea. >> the french quarter has sprung to life and security is out in full force. in fact, what i noticed tonight is the squad cars and the motorcycles turn their lights on, the emergency lights on, even when they aren't pulling people over, as if to tell people, don't get out of line because we have a lot of people and backup. but things have come to life. not soon enough as the press conferences have ended for jim harbaugh, who had his final meeting today alongside brother john. >> i concur. >> at times using short
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answers. >> i concur. >> the harbaugh brothers spent 30 minutes answering questions about their similarities and differences. >> philosophical commonalities? i would be hard pressed to spell philosophical right now. >> i know he couldn't spell comalty. >> the brothers made sure to acknowledge their mom and dad. >> nobody in the family has more competitive fire than my mother. most important thing to me that she believed in me. she was not happy when we built a hockey goal out of chicken wire when we were about 13 years old and we shot all the windows out of the garage door. remember that? they were glass. she called dad in on that one. >> it was a multigenerational event. their 97-year-old maternal
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grandfather got a piece of spotlight. >> who would have imagined that? i would never dream this in all my life. >> the italian immigrant was an auto mechanic and he spent time playing baseball and fished the streams of cleveland when the brothers were young. >> they called me the world's worst fisherman because every place i took them, they never caught any fish. >> 97 years old and he is still fishing. that's pretty darn good. ken, we'll go back to you guys. tomorrow could be a big day for eddie. at 2:30, the announcement for the inductees to the hall of fame is going to come down. eddie is one of 15 finalists. i think he deserves entry. let's go back to san francisco. >> he has a legacy, you know, five super bowl wins. >> you got it. >> all right, thanks, dennis. a reminder, our sister station, cbs 5, your super bowl station.
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watch the niners play the ravens on sunday. kickoff will be at 3:30. then stay tuned for a super night on the new bay bridge. cbs 5 will bring you the very first live television program from the deck of the new bay bridge. it will be complete with post game super bowl coverage from new orleans and all around the bay area. we'll also fill you in on the plans for the new bay bridge, including the planned five-day closure and the activities to celebrate the new plan. that's all sunday after the super bowl on our sister station, cbs 5. all this talk about the 49ers turns out some people are not too happy about it. we're talking, of course, about some folks in the raider nation, cbs 5 reporter on how some raiders fans plan to make it through this super bowl weekend. >> san francisco and many parts of the bay area may be experiencing the red and gold rush. but many die hard raiders fans are not having any of it.
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>> it's still -- >> come sunday, many in the raider nation will be cheering on the ravens. >> a lot of the niner fans are the ones that, oh, we have five super bowl rings. one more to rub in our face. >> some plan to spend super bowl sunday to root against the 49ers. if the unofficial black hole outside of the oakland coliseum. >> i like the way the niners play. i know football, but i wouldn't be upset if the ravens won. >> that's as diplomatic of an answer as you can get from answer. rickie ricardo. he is expecting fans from both teams to pack this place sunday. >> not all raiders fans are rooting against the 49ers. some die hards tell me they have regional pride and they want the niners to bring the lombardi trophy back to the area.
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>> he won't be disappointed because -- >> he is excited. >> wait a minute, your son is a niners fan? >> my son is a niners fan. >> he blames grandma for influencing his son. >> when we were growing up, she would put his red stuff on him. >> this weekend, many raiders fans are all about purple and gold. i'm don, cbs 5. >> a hostage drama involving a five-year-old boy is now in its fourth day. how he is being cared for while authorities negotiate with his captor. tens of millions of people across the country will flush the toilet on the same time. can bay area sewer systems handle it? i hope so. here's what we have going on. nothing on the radar. another dry day as we say hello to february. here's a look at doppler. when does the rain come back? i have the answer in your
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forecast. chilly night in new orleans. let's take you there. 44 degrees for a low tonight. ,, [ male announcer ] with citibank it's easy for jay to deposit checks from anywhere. [ wind howling ] easier than actually going to the bank. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank. fourth day. lee dykes is a standoff holding a five- year-old boy captive is in his fourth day. 65-year-old jimmy lee is holding the boy hostage in an under ground bunker. police are sending food, medication, and coloring books to the boy through a ventilation pipe. >> get the little boy out safe and then as far as the shooter, i hate to say this, i don't
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care what happens to him because he caused so much trouble here. >> police say dykes kidnapped the boy after killing the driver of the boy's school bus. the boy suffers from a disorder similar to autism. an oakland woman could face charges for lying about an abduction. she called police overnight saying her husband beat her up and then kidnapped their one- year-old daughter. that prompted a state-wide, four-houramber alert this morning. as soon as police realized there was no child and kidnapping, they canceled that. the amber alert system is expanding. alerts are going out to millions of cell phones and most customers are shocked to learn that their phones have that capability. sharon says the high pitched alerts come on most new phones automatically. >> it sounds like a frightening alarm, so it is different from any other thing you would hear.
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>> brittney and matthew were caught by surprise last month in denver when their phones blared and vibrated, then an amber alert message popped up. >> everybody in the office, they all have their own individual ones. not just iphones, but droid. >> it started new year's day and already startled tens and thousands of people. some of them in the middle of the night. >> it sounded like a siren. and everybody is going, what is that? >> so far, the wireless emergency alert has been used twenty times in 40 states and will start soon in california. >> did you know? >> no. >> many people we talked to had no idea newer phones automatically have the alert turned on. >> amber alert, on, you're right. >> and that's just under notifications? >> it's under notifications, government alert. there it is. oh my gosh. >> dozens of people who were alarmed and confused the first
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time, now threaten to turn it to opt out. this father won't change a thing. >> as a dad, that's important to get the amber alert out to as many people as possible. >> the amber alert is one of three new wireless alerts. severe weather and the presidential alert sent from the white house. the only one of the three that cannot be turned off your phone. this is so new, that many local law enforcement officers are still learning about it. >> i'm amazed, the president can call us at any time. >> yes, that could happen. >> is the system being used here in the bay area? >> fema says the sheriff department as well as the san francisco department of emergency services, they have gone through the application process. presumably, they will be first up. >> karen chin in the newsroom, thank you. there needs to be an alert for great weather coming our way. >> if there was a sunshine alert. >> my phone is going off right now. >> i don't want to bug you
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while you're taking a nap. just enjoy it. this is weather that happens sometime during the winter. we had so much beautiful weather and chances are, you were watching it from your office, now saturday and sunday, it's going to be similar. we have cloud cover moving in. that may keep temperatures up a little bit tonight. livermore 38. san jose down to 42. san rafael 40. let's talk about that cloud cover. i'm not talking about rain, but there is cloud cover. it is mostly cloudy from los angeles north to santa barbara. some of that cloud cover you noticed this afternoon moved up from the south to the north. all it did was go to sunshine to filtered sunshine. as that cloud cover hangs out, it will keep our overnight temperatures milder, but also keep our afternoon highs tomorrow, likely a degree or two cooler. high pressure hanging on. high pressure hangs on into next week. the same weather we had the last couple of days, will likely continue into next week.
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what i'm looking at is a pattern change toward the end of next week with a chance of showers. the bigger change will be saying good-bye to the 60s and saying hello to the mid to upper 50s. a pattern taking hold. tomorrow filtered sunshine, still very pleasant to get outside. super weather for sunday. the cooler stuff that holds off until late next week. tomorrow in oakland, beautiful day with a high of 65. filtered sunshine. san ramon, vallejo, low 60s for mill valley, daily city, san leandro and sanoma. mid 60s with sunshine on sunday. back to work monday, still mild. some shine tuesday and wednesday and by the end of next week, low and behold, we may get a shower or two. a foot of rain fall in some spots in december. less than 1 inch of rain in
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january. >> it's amazing the difference from one month to the next. >> we'll get a little bit next week. >> i will send out an alert. no. >> thanks, paul. all right, you are watching the super bowl. you don't want to miss any game action or the commercials, so you wait until halftime to go to the bathroom. >> turns out, you're not alone. san francisco's utility commission says it's not an urban legend. the super bowl flush exists. that's when tens of thousands of people in the city use the facilities during the intermission. >> we have a great system here, which treats storm water and sewage. we make sure we can capture all that flow. treatment plants are going to be working. you do see that spike right when halftime starts, and then you get intermission, you get the commercials. that's when everyone is running and you'll get the bathroom. >> more than 350 million- gallons of water nationwide
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will flush through our toilets at the time, the equivalent of 7 minutes of water flowing over niagra falls. by the way, when you're in the bathroom, beyonce will be performing. so, wait or go before. >> the scott tissue people figured that out. we'll be right back. you can't move the tv there. yuh-huh. we have a wireless receiver. listen. back in my day, there was no u-verse wireless receiver that let you move the tv away from the tv outlet. we can move it to the kitchen, the patio, the closet and almost anywhere. why would you want a tv in the closet? [ both laugh ] ♪
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might want to check your twitter account. you may have been hacked. late this afternoon, an unidentified group of hackers infiltrated the system. the hackers may have had access to the user names, e-mail addresses, and other sensitive information of nearly a quarter million users. twitter has e-mailed all those who may have been affected. the advice, change your password. the average super bowl watcher will consume around 1200 calories. domino's pizza will deliver more than 11 million slices of pizza on sunday. also, the amount of pounds of potato chips chowed down.
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the average number of people at a super bowl party, 17. and one out of 12, that is how many people are watching the game. just to see the commercials. as for those commercials, a 30 second spot cost up to $3.5 million. we'll be right back. save up to $500 on beautyrest and posturepedic. get a sealy queen set for just $399. even get 3 years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. keep more presidents in your wallet. sleep train's presidents' day sale is on now.
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stanford also took care of business... be , 86-62... the cardina cal beat oregon, stanford took care of business beating last place oregon. the cardinal and bears remain tied first in the pack 12. phil mickelson finished one stroke shy. lefty followed up his opening round with a 65. he'll take a four shot lead into the weekend. it's a slow night.
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my producer can put his pacers in the show. paul george with a steal. their 13th straight win at home. final seconds in toronto. raptors up big. butler is coming to shake his hand, but butler steals the ball and takes it the other way. the raptors win by 25. and this lucky woman became the one millionth guest, earning her two tickets to every event for the entire year. >> nice. good for her. very lucky. >> cool. >> see you at 11:00. a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? and with all the points i've been earning, i was able to get us a flight to our favorite climbing spot, even on a holiday weekend. ♪ things are definitely... looking up.

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